The Perfect Bite

Have you ever picked up the perfect lipstick only to try it on and have it look horrendous on you? I definitely have and it happens pretty often! I go to the store, test out the lippy every famous blogger swears by, look in the mirror and marvel at the clown looking straight back at me.

It’s terrible.

Now, I recently found out about the Bespoke Service at Bite Beauty where they create custom lipsticks for you, pretty much ensuring you will never look a mess again.




Your Lip Lab artist will use their expertise to create colors according to your specifications.


We will guide you through Bite’s high performing finishes to select the right one for your needs: Luminous, Matte, Sheer Cuvée.


Finally, pick a scent for your creation: Cherry, Mint, Vanilla, Mango, Violet, Coconut, Wild Berry, Fresh Citrus.

The service runs about $150 and you get 2 custom lipsticks WITH ENGRAVING and a priming kit which includes a lip scrub, lip mask, and prime pen.

For my first option, I opted for a brown nude color with a matte finish and mint scent. Super light and fresh to keep me going all day.

For my second color I wanted something that I didn't have in my collection but would still use and that was a bright orange-red color that takes me on a tropical vacation every time I look at it. I paired this one with the mango citrus scent to tie in the theme and voila, my two custom lipsticks were done!


1: Tell it like it is!  

Don’t be afraid to tell your lip artist what you don’t like, don’t worry they won’t get offended! Trust me, I changed one color about 6 times because I couldn't describe the color I wanted. They want you to love the color and it’s your job to tell them what you want. 

2: Think about seasons!

I was struggling a lot in coming up with the second color. The lip artist will try and help you/let you try everything on, but my recommendation is to think about what you will actually wear. While I love my red-orange lipstick, we are heading into fall soon and I don’t think I’ll be taking tropical vacations soon, thus I think I would’ve gotten more wear out of a nice berry color.


3: Go with a friend!

Bethenny from The Real Housewives of New York went with Luann in one of their episodes which means you can be just as cool! I’m just kidding, but in all seriousness the appointment can range anywhere from 15-45 minutes so bring your bestie along, I promise you won’t regret it.

PS: They have BOMB pre-made glosses or lipsticks if you just want to check out the brand!