5 Things I Wish I knew Before Getting Lip Fillers

Since I posted about getting lip fillers many of you expressed that it’s been something you’ve been thinking about it and had a ton of questions about my experience and pain level. To be honest, it was an impromptu decision and I didn’t do too much research so here are the top 5 things I wish I knew before getting lip injections:


1: It’s Painful!

I would say that I have a pretty high pain tolerance and I’m not scared of needles, so discomfort did not cross my mind. In fact, I’ve gotten botox and fillers in other areas of my face and those injections felt like light pinches so I really had my guard down. However, lip injections are different, your lips are really sensitive and the cosmetic doctor/nurse has to build your desired shape. That means a lot of little pokes and be prepared for the needle to wiggles as they fill, at minimum be you'll need 4 shots -  top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right. That being said, they do numb you beforehand and there is lidocaine (numbing solution) in the filler so after the initial injections you won’t feel it as much.

2: Pay attention to the pre-op and post-op instructions

I went to Skin Refine Med Spa and they informed me to stay away from fish oils, multivitamins, aspirin, and drinking for at least a week before. I remembered all of it except for the last one and truly paid for it. Basically, these instructions are in place to help minimize swelling and bruising so just do yourself a favor and follow the instructions. I was also told to not suck out of a straw or kiss for at least a day to prevent the product from shifting. It took me about 1.5 days to not feel self cautious about going out.

Pro Tip: Pineapples contain a specific enzyme called bromelain that can help dissolve blood clots and fade bruising.

3: You will be swollen and you will feel like a duck

I was warned about the swelling but it was still a bit shocking when it happened to me. I got my lips done around 1 pm and by 8 pm that night I felt like a little duck. Everyone told me the swelling is the worst the next day so I was eager to see how big my lips would actually get. I also thought this was how my lips were going to look when the swelling went down and almost freaked out. But then I woke up the next day and the swelling went down and the trend continued for about a week after.


4: Be clear about your end results

If you’re thinking about getting fillers, I hope that means you’ve thought long and hard about how you want your lips to change. For me, I wanted to balance out a dent that I had on my upper lip and also wanted my lips to look the same with or without makeup as I always overline. A lot of the times, people feel as if they’ve wasted their money because their lips haven’t changed enough or have changed too dramatically. If you do want a noticeable difference, make sure you communicate this with your doctor. They will be able to recommend what type of filler and how much to use for the desired results. For a plump, pillowy pout try Juvederm, which is a newer variation of the Hyaluronic acid filler. Or, if you want a more natural look, Restylane is a great option. The usual amount of filler per session is one syringe, which is normally 1 ml. If you want that “Kylie Jenner lip” effect, you would probably need to go up to two or three ml.

giphy (1).gif

5: It’s expensive

Like most fillers you will have to get topped off - it’s not permanent. I got Restylane Defyne which last for a year but some solutions only last for 4-6 months. One syringe can cost anywhere between $400 to $1000, so be prepared to drop that cash. My friends over at Skin Refine Medspa were kind enough to offer my followers a discount, just mention my name “Erica Luo” and they’ll hook you up!

I hope this gave you a bit of insight on the lip filler experience. My last bit of advice is to not make your final judgment until a week after your procedure. I had a pretty swollen pout and was borderline regretting my decision but after everything settled I’m left with the perfect pillowy pout. If you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to reach out!