The Real Tea About Uniform Teeth

If you’ve been following me for some time you know that I’ve been raving about my treatment with Uniform Teeth – San Francisco’s clear aligner teeth straightening service. Today I’m going to share with you the real tea about my experience...


When I was young my parents could not afford dental work let alone braces. I had major crowding and my two front teeth overlapped with my canines – needless to say, I was insecure about my smile. I was 19 when I got my first set of braces, it was traditional, metal wires, rubber bands and impressions that made you gag. I had them for the full two years and at the end of my term, I told my orthodontist I wanted it off. At this point, I was about to graduate college and I didn’t want the metal brackets to encroach on my lifetime achievement. So she took them off and I went about my life. I think my retainers made it all of 2 weeks before it fizzled out and a year later my bottom teeth started to overlap again.

Smile Direct Club:

With the help of heavy advertising, I came across a brand called Smile Direct Club. They claimed that their clear aligners will straighten your teeth at a fraction of the cost without ever having to go to a dental office. All they needed was a set of good impressions (from a kit they send you) and in return, you’ll get clear aligners to help you achieve your perfect smile. So I bought the kit with a single time payment at $1895 and hoped for the best. 

A few weeks later I received a kit in the mail and tried to do the impressions myself. From there I waited about 1.5 months before I actually got my first set of aligners and guess what, it didn't fit. I consulted the customer care team and they advised me to try it out for a few months before they would send me another kit. By the end of my 3rd month, I was aggravated, to say the least, nothing had changed. I had forked over about $2000 and it was time to give up.

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 10.39.30 AM.png

Uniform Teeth: 

I wasn’t unhappy with my teeth but I knew if I didn’t fix them they would potentially get worse or go back to the way they used to be. So a few years after my Smile Direct experience, I decided to do a little research and came across Uniform Teeth. They are a San Francisco based company that pairs clear aligners with a real orthodontist to oversee treatment. Not only were they trusted by employees of Google, Airbnb, etc. they incorporated precision 3D X-Rays to ensure your treatment plan will actually work. 

I loved everything I saw and the more I learned about the company, the more I trusted Uniform Teeth. Full disclosure, I reached out to them at this point to see if we could work out a partnership and they said yes! I booked my free consultation (yes, it’s actually free for everyone) and went over my treatment plan. They explained that the 3D X-Rays were important, not only to get accurate fitting trays but to see how the root of your tooth will affect treatment. With an at-home impression kit, you are creating a treatment plan based off of the tooth that is showing but the majority of your tooth is beneath your gums. Moving the tooth without seeing the roots can result in major tooth damage in the future. I felt safe to know that my treatment was handled by doctors with years of education that had a passion for changing the industry with science rather than profit.

I was also told that the majority of my check-ins would be done via the Uniform Teeth mobile app. All I had to do was take a photo of my smile and the doctor will check to see if everything is fitting correctly. Apparently, the appointments with Invisalign is to give you the trays, but with Uniform Teeth, they send you the trays via mail to cut down on the office visits. I am near the end of my treatment and I’ve only gone into the office 3 times. Once for the initial consultation, once to get my bumps put on (my treatment included the attachment of tooth-colored bumps to help my teeth move faster) and once to get it polished off.


Uniform Teeth is not the cheapest option but it's also not the most expensive. Treatment ranges anywhere from $2500-$5000 while direct mail treatments cost around $2000 and Invisalign can go up to $9000. Also, be prepared to have your a few of your teeth filed down a hairline to achieve perfection. This is common with other Invisalign treatments and will not make the tooth more sensitive. Dr. Stephanie Purnomo actually took the file to her skin to show me that it was extremely gentle. At this time they are only in San Francisco but they plan to expand across the country very soon.

Overall I’ve truly enjoyed my experience with Uniform Teeth and I’ve recommended family members that feel the same way. The staff is extremely attentive and their technology is next level. Most importantly, it works!

Book your Free Consultation Here and Mention “Erica Luo” for $150 off your treatment!