Why I've been blocking & unfollowing people and why you should too

Today I wanted to talk about something a little different and share with you why I’ve been I’ve been blocking and unfollowing people on Instagram and why you should too! Instagram as a platform has changed so much through the years and like most social platforms, you either adapt to those changes or grow out of it. Take Facebook, for example, it was the platform of choice in the early 2000s but now it’s only relevant to stay connected to your grandma or to aimlessly watch life hack videos. Myspace and Tumblr have unfortunately fallen into the same trend and it will be a matter of time before YouTube and Instagram fizzle out too. So you might be wondering why I am choosing to become a full-time creator now and how to thrive in this extremely saturated market that is seemingly going downhill. 

First, I am committing to becoming a full-time creator because creating content is something that I’ve always wanted to do as a career. I understand that it is an uphill battle but I am in a position where everything has aligned for me to try this now. Creating content is also where my passion is deeply rooted. I love being able to share my perspective and create something that I am extremely proud of and share it with the world. If I am able to brighten 1 person’s day or change 1 person’s perspective on something, I have accomplished my goal. The best part of Instagram for me isn’t getting likes on a photo but the planning of the shoot, editing the photos and seeing my vision come to life! This is why I shoot all my content with a DSLR, I genuinely love creating and I am actively choosing to be different from every other Influencer. I am also committing to be a full-time influencer now because I truly do believe that Instagram and YouTube will be relevant for the next few years and if I put as much effort into it as I would a real job, I will make something out of myself!


Second, in order to thrive in this community, you need to make yourself stand out. I have a whole blog post on my Instagram Journey but in short; find your niche and grow with the platform. I have transitioned my focus from beauty to fashion to now sharing industry knowledge with the collective. I also believe that you have to grow with the platform if you want to stay relevant. This means using the built-in features that the platform comes out with. Instagram polls, carousel photos, IGTVs automatically give you a bump in the algorithm so it's stupid to not use it. Growing with the platform also means taking part in trending content. I’m not saying you should switch your whole content strategy to mukbang videos but partaking in a challenge every once in a while will expose you to more and different people!

Now that I’m done with my tangent, let me explain to you why I’ve been blocking and unfollowing people, and why you should too. They say social media is a very negative space but I only find that to be true if you are consuming negative content. Let’s say you have self-esteem issues and your feed is full of skinny plastic girls that are #GOALS. Of course, you are going to feel bad about yourself! Now if you unfollow those accounts and fill your feed with motivation pages your outlook will start to change, social media is just a collection of highlight reels that is carefully crafted to make that individual's life look better. Once a quarter (once every three months) I recommend going through your following and unfollow accounts that no longer inspire you or make you feel bad about yourself! If that is me, I respect your decision, I just ask that you DM me to let me know what I could be doing better. I promise you will not hurt my feelings! 


I’ve been blocking bots and accounts that don’t fit my target market on the daily. As brands become more educated on influencer marketing they become more selective with the type of influencers they work with. All the brand really cares about is getting a return on their investment and if your followers aren't in line with their target market, you won't get the job. I consider any accounts that have no profile pictures or have a huge discrepancy between the number of accounts they are following vs the numbers of followers they have, a bot. I immediately block these accounts when they come in to make sure my followers are real and engaged! My content is geared for women between the ages of 18-35 and while I don’t block every person outside of this demographic, I have been more selective with followers drastically outside of this target market.

I know the topic of this blog post is vastly different from my usual content and some of you may not agree with my perspective but these are my thoughts on social moving forward. I know my growth won’t be as dramatic, but I would rather have 100 dedicated followers that share my same perspective than 1000 strangers that are only following me because of my looks! I would love to hear what you have to say, leave me a comment down below and follow me on IG and subscribe to my YT if you haven’t already.